Jesus saith unto Him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. (John 14:6 KJV)

Many people and some so called Christians today had an erroneous belief that JESUS is not the only way, they believed that He is just a mere man who brought a sect of religion like any other men who started religion in the world. There are thousands of religions in the world started by mortal man due to the erroneous belief towards discovering who God is. Jesus said; I am “the way” and NOT “one of the ways”.

Religion is an erroneous belief that a man has towards a Deity that is superior to him

One thing I want us to understand is that the mind of a mortal man cannot understand God until God reveals Himself, before Jesus came into the world, the whole world was groping in darkness to discover God and that is one of the reasons why JESUS came, to reveal the Father God to us. Let me take you on a journey of religion, if religion is presumed to be the solution to the problems of mankind, why are many people who are entangled in the web of religions still have no peace, always afraid of death, afraid of Hell and always felt condemned. It is because; it is not covered in their syllabus to provide peace for mankind.

JESUS is the only way and NOT one of many ways as many believed, He came to rescue men from their sins and delivered them from Hell. If there had been another way for mankind to be reconciled to God, God wouldn’t have gone that far as sending His Son to die and Jesus wouldn’t have gone that far as to be separated from God to the extent that He cried that He was forsaken by God, He went to the Cross, bore my sins and your sins and went to Hell on our behalf, no mortal man has ever done this and none will be able to do this. One man said one day that he can’t die for his son and his son was there listening to him but here is Jesus who suffered because of us. If you find yourself in Hell then you have yourself to be blamed because JESUS has paid the price for you, He is Alive for evermore to make intercessions for us.

I am glad and assured to tell you evangelically that JESUS is not one of the ways to God BUT the only way and right now as you are reading this, the Holy Spirit will be talking to you to receive Him into your heart of you are not saved.

If you are ready, pray this prayer:

LORD JESUS! I acknowledge that I am a sinner.

I believed in my heart that you died for me.

I confess you as my Lord and personal savior.

Come into my heart today and live in me

Thank you for saving me. AMEN!


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  • He is the only way
    The truth nd the light
    No one comes to the father expect through him

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