Low self-esteem (the cause of man’s failure)

Comfort Oluyemi

“But he said,” oh my Lord please send someone else”. (Exo 4 vs 13)

Moses cried unto God when he was called for his assignment to redeem the children of Israel from captivity.

We live in a world today where people are scared of being a failure or a disappointment to their society. So many people live in the fear of “WHAT IF”. Now the question we must ask ourselves is:

Why are people scared of failure?

Why are people scared of taking that one big step that can change their lives?

Moses was a man of great substance but he had a stuttering disorder. He was the man God chose to redeem the children of Israel from captivity. Moses gave excuses, one being that he stuttered and he said to God “please send someone else”, but he was the one God had chosen to redeem the children of Israel.

Just like Moses gave excuses to carry out what he was born to do and had the fear of what if Pharaoh does not listen to him, that’s the spirit most of us carry today.

Low self-esteem: I see this term has a very deadly virus that kills humans slowly. It spreads around your body and start affecting the way you think, the way you talk, the way you look at yourself, it makes you envious in a very negative way. I see low self-esteem as the cause of a man’s failure. We are always scared of taking that one big step that could change our lives.

Now, imagine that Moses refused to save the children of Israel and they were left in the hands of Pharaoh. Two things would have happened, they would be in captivity forever and Moses on the other hand would not have fulfilled his purpose.

Every man born on this Earth has a purpose, but some people could not fulfill that purpose because they allowed low self-esteem take the greater part of them. You feel you are not beautiful to compete, you are not smart enough to join the competition, I have even heard some say because they are incomplete (handicap) they cannot join the race. If you think of this things you will forever be a failure. Don’t keep people waiting because of your low self-esteem, many people are held captive and only you yes you can bring them out of that captivity. So many people’s greatness lie in your hands, if you shy away from your responsibility what will be their faith?

You have to embrace will power that’s the only way to overcome low self-esteem. I’m still overcoming mine and by the grace of God and will power (I can do it) I’m getting over it because I refuse to be a failure.

You are not born a failure because: you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you (Philippians 4vs13)

Have a self worth for yourself and keep it safe.

Comfort Oluyemi

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