The history of Christ Apostolic Church Youth Fellowship dates back to the nineteen-forties.  The Youth Fellowship of the forties was an extra-Constitutional Organisation formed by the then youths and approved by the Church Authority.  The Organisations included the prayer Band, the Prayer Warrior and the Prayer Battalion in 1949 that later metamorphosed into the ‘Light of the World Society’ (LOWS) in 1966.  Later years saw the formation of the other Organizations such as the Youth Camp in 1970, the Christ Apostolic Church Students’ Association (CACSA) in 1970, and the United Association of Christ Apostolic Church Choirs (UACACC) in 1973.

Our Archievement

The notable achevments of these Organisations notwithstanding, their operations led to unprecedented problems, which later assumed unmanageable proportions.  These included programme conflicts, unhealthy rivalry, and improper relationship with the line of authority of the Church.  Consequently, the Church Authority in her reorganisation exercise in 1992 dissolved all the aforementioned organizations in the Mission and formed a new evangelical body called, CHRIST APOSTOLIC CHURCH YOUTH FELLOWSHIP, for the purposes of promoting unity, ensuring better productivity  amongst the Youths and to facilitate effective Coordination of Youth activities within the Church.

Leadership and Watchword

The Christ Apostolic Church is governed by only one Constitution.  Therefore, all its agencies or arms of operation are in turn guided by  Rules and Regulations flowing from the same Constitution.

Motto:           The motto of the Fellowship is ONENESS IN CHRIST (John 17:21)

Logo:             The Logo of the Fellowship shall comprise two rings inside which are written the name and motto of the fellowship and inside the inner rings is a Bible and a Handbell held by two hands on a rock.

Communication:   The mode of communiation in the Fellowship is English or the language prevalent in the locality.

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First youth officer CAC Worldwide

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Second youth officer CAC Worldwide

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Third youth officer CAC Worldwide

Youth Officer
CAC Worldwide