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Armour of Light

Day 02

Remember Now Your Creator

–  The Foundation for Glorious future (Lecture 1)

–  Opening Speech

–  Brothers Seminar

–  Sisters Seminar

–  Maximizing the dew of your Youth (Lecture 2)

– Christ in you the Hope of Glory (Lecture 3)

– The Baptism of the Holy-ghost

– Fatherly Charge ( rejoice)

-Remembering and Maximizing our Creators mandate in the market place

-Lecture 4 God, the creator and the Owner

-Revival Hour 1 ( Pastor D.K OLUKOYA)

-Lecture  5 Now that you are young An Urgent call to remember the lord

-Lecture  6 The Presence age in God’s Plan

-Revival Hour: H.O Oladeji