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A Brief History



The history of Christ Apostolic Church Youth Fellowship dates back to the nineteen-forties.  The Youth Fellowship of the forties was an extra-Constitutional Organisation formed by the then youths and approved by the Church Authority.  The Organisations included the prayer Band, the Prayer Warrior and the Prayer Battalion in 1949 that later metamorphosed into the ‘Light of the World Society’ (LOWS) in 1966.  Later years saw the formation of the other Organizations such as the Youth Camp in 1970, the Christ Apostolic Church Students’ Association (CACSA) in 1970, and the United Association of Christ Apostolic Church Choirs (UACACC) in 1973.


It is no doubt that our mission, CHRIST APOSTOLIC CHURCH is blessed with great people with massive but yet intrinsic talents. And it might interest you to know that our fellowship houses the largest percent of these master pieces.

An anonymous Writer said, “All of us are talented in our unique way. We just need to RECOGNIZE our capacity and DEVELOP our talents to their full potential.”
It has been the desire of our Fathers and Leaders, especially the Director of Youth Affairs, PASTOR S. O. GBUYIRO to see every APOSTOLIC YOUTH doing exploits on the platform of their God given talents.
…….but the people who know their God (Apostolic Youths) shall be strong (Empowerment) and carry out great exploits….. Daniel 11:32b
This challenge has given rise to the need to harvest talents in Christ Apostolic Church Youth Fellowship and see to their exploit making.
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